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Nigerians React to the Arabic Inscription on the Logo of the Nigerian Army

Nigerians have reacted to the Arabic inscription on the logo of the Nigerian Army. Though it’s not a new logo and the inscription has been there since the inception of the Army, but the attention of Nigerians has now been drawn to the Arabic inscription on the logo after the logo surfaced on social media.

The logo which surfaced on social media today has continued to generate reactions from Nigerians from both home and away, as some think that the Arabic inscription shouldn’t be in the logo because English is our lingua, Franca.

Some other users who had a different view explained that the Arabic inscription has nothing to do with religion, as Arabic is just a language like English, and that people shouldn’t create an issue out of that.

A popular music producer, Samklef has also called out the Nigerian Army, to come out and explain why there is an Arabic inscription on the logo of the Nigerian Army when our general language is Arabic.

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