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Muslims and Christians Clash Over School Reopening

Muslims and Christians clash in Ilorin, the capital of Kwara state, following the reopening of the Christian schools formerly closed by the state government over hijab controversy. The government of Kwara state officially opened the schools today after it had already closed it when the school officials and the Muslim parents had a clash over their wards using hijab to school.

Following the government directive concerning the reopening of the schools, a fight ensued between the Christian and Muslim faithful around one of the schools, as the Christian officials of the school, Baptist school, Surulere, Ilorin, refused to allow girls in hijab to gain access into the school.

The actions of the Christian officials in the school doesn’t seem to go down well with the Muslim parents, as it led to an argument that eventually started the clash. Security operatives had to be called to disperse them with tear gas, when both the Muslims and the Christians started throwing dangerous objects like stones and plastic chairs at each other, during the clash.

 The state government is yet to make any statement concerning the new development in these schools, whether they would be closed up again or new measures would be developed to address the issues.

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