Wednesday, September 22

Mother and Son Arrested with 49 Parcels of Indian Hemp

A 21-year-old Nigerian man, Kaniru Mahmud has been arrested alongside his mother by the Kano Police Command, after being caught with 49 parcels of Indian hemp.

The police told newsmen that they received an intelligence report of a young man carrying sacks suspected to contain Indian hemp, prior to Mahmud’s arrest at Danbire Village. The young man was arrested while moving the exhibit from his family home at Gadonkaya quarters to a secret place on outskirts of Kano Metropolis.

In his interview with newsmen, Mahmud mentioned that it was his mother that instructed him to move the substance from her matrimonial home at Gadonkaya quarters, on the basis that his father had already been arrested at the same place for possessing the same substance.

He said, “I called my friend at Danbire that I will bring the substance to his residence. My uncle called a tricycle rider, we loaded the substance and moved it to Danbire. Upon our arrival, the operatives of Anti Daba arrested all of us.”

The spokesperson of the Kano police command, Abdullahi Kiyawa while working to reporters said that the Commissioner of police for the state has ordered that the case be transferred to the state CID for further investigation.

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