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Math Teacher Allegedly Beats Student to Death in Ikorodu

A secondary school Math teacher in Elihans College, Ikorodu, identified as Mr Emmanuel, Allegedly beats Boluwatife Omelaja, a student in his school to death for being unable to answer a math question correctly. The news of this unfortunate incident was reported on Twitter by the alleged Elder brother of the deceased.

Bolu’s brother explained that the school in an attempt to cover up for the Math teacher came to their house and lied about what happened to his brother. He mentioned that the school principal alongside some teachers of the school lied that Bolu slumped and died while trying to answer the math question.

He, therefore, pleads with Nigerians on Twitter, to help find Mr Emmanuel, who he said is currently on the run so that justice can be served.

He said, “Twitter NG I just lost my brother to School Teacher Brutality. Mr Emmanuel(frame 1)is a sec school teacher at Elihans college, Ikorodu in Lagos

“He beat up my brother Boluwatife Omelaja(frame 2) to death on 26th of November in the school premises because he couldn’t answer a math question he was asked correctly.

“The school initially made us believe he slumped and died while he was trying to answer the question on the board, a boy who wasn’t ill or showed any sign of sickness before.

“He was brought home in the school’s bus by the school proprietress and principal, along with Mr Emma-whom we didn’t know was the killer at that time, and he was buried a few hours later according to Muslims doctrine.

“Meanwhile Bolu’s other brother, Lateef Omelaja was prevented from leaving the school premises, to prevent him from spreading the true news to us at home and to buy Mr Emma more time to run away.

“We believed the cock and bull story the school fed us not until Lateef got home at around 5 pm and narrated what happened at the school to us.
We also confirmed this from other students of the school including classmates of Boluwatife.

“The painful part is, the school keeps trying to cover up for Mr Emma claiming he didn’t beat Bolu. Mr Emma is on the run, nowhere to be found.

“I know no amount of punishment for him will bring back my brother but I just want Mr Emma located and justice served.”

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