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Lady Loses Internship Opportunity Over A Conversation

The lady identified as Mary lost an internship opportunity over a conversation with the man in charge of the interns. In the conversation released on social media today, mary’s impatience and lack of courtesy were what cost her the opportunity.

The man in charge of the interns who have also been identified as Emmanuel Kamal, according to the name that he mentioned in the conversation they had. According to Emmanuel, he was instructed by his boss, the general manager of the company, to interview Mary, who applied for the internship position at their company.

While trying to introduce himself and state the reason he was texting Mary, She got angry and started raining abuses on him, without knowing that he was the one supposed to employ her for the internship position.

Emmanuel who also got angry with Mary’s lack of courtesy told her that he would report back to his boss that Mary is unfit for the internship position. That was how she lost the internship opportunity, according to the conversation released on social media.

The conversation released on social media has continued to generate reactions from Nigerians on the platforms, as some are also sharing the experiences they’ve had that’s related to the conversation.

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