Tuesday, September 21

Human Rights Advocate Reacts to the Picture of A Small Boy Drawing A Gun on the Wall in Damaturu

The Daily Trust Columnist and Human Rights Advocate, Bulama Bukarti has reacted to the picture of a small boy drawing a gun on the wall in Damaturu, State Capital of Yobe state. Bulama said the picture tells the story of what Children in the Northeastern part of Nigeria are going through.

The Human Rights Advocate went ahead to propose the promotion of Community healing and proper treatment of survivors on the insurgency in the Northeast, for the eradication of transgenerational trauma.

Bulama said, “My NCE teacher, Lawan Cheri, saw this boy drawing this on the wall of a neighbour in Damaturu.

“This tells you everything about the experiences of the children in the northeast.

“To stop transgenerational trauma, survivors must be properly treated and community healing promoted”.

This is another addition to the growing list of concerns on the Psychological treatment of Survivors of insurgency and banditry in the Northeastern part of the country.

Human rights advocate

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