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Bandits Abduct Imam in Zamfara State

The Nigerian Police has revealed through their Twitter handle that Bandits attacked a mosque on Friday, 20th of December, during the Jumat service and abducted the Imam and all the other 17 Worshipers in Zamfara State.

The news of bandits activities in the North seems to be increasing daily, as the level of insecurity in the Northern part of the country becomes disturbing, and should be a case of emergency.

Nigerians are being abducted and killed by bandits on a daily, in the North, and now they are taking their exploits to mosques and religious places. This could be the beginning of another insurgency if attention is not given to civil unrest in Northern Nigeria.

The Police have assured Nigerians that efforts are being put in place to ensure that the abducted persons are rescued.

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