Yemi Alade Throws Shades at Nigerians Over Price Hikes

The Nigerian Hip-Hop star, Yemi Alade throws shades at Nigerians for increasing the prices of their goods and services for the yuletide season. The Female pop star mentioned how discounts and bonanzas are given in other parts of the world for Christmas, but Nigerians increase their prices by twenty, she went ahead to tag the behaviour a selfish attitude.

Yemi Alade who recently dropped her album titled Empress seems not to be satisfied with the way the prices of goods and services are being increased all in the name of Christmas, and she’s taken to her Twitter handle to call out all Nigerians, who have adopted this habit of increasing their prices during Yuletide season.

The statement made by Yemi Alade on her Twitter page has been generating several reactions from Nigerians. Some of the people that commented supported Yemi Alade but claimed that the problem is not with the people, but the government who’s been unable to stabilise the economy and regulate prices.

The singer tweeted, “People dey do bonanza and discount as Christmas dey come for plenty parts of the world but for here na times 20 for everything and them go say na because of Christmas! Na who teach us this selfish attitude!.”

Yemi Alade

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