Nigerians Drag Kiddwaya for His Statement on Hardwork

Nigerians have reacted to a statement made by one of the housemates in the recently concluded reality TV show, Big Brother Naija season 5, Lockdown edition, Terseer Kiddwaya, who’s also the son of the Nigerian Billionaire Terry Waya.

Kiddwaya in the statement claimed that he’s more hardworking than others and that the difference between him and other Nigerians is that hardwork. He made this statement after there has been several comments from Nigerians on Social Media concerning how privileged he his to have come from a very wealthy home, which gave him the exposure and affluence he needed to succeed.

This statement made by Kiddwaya has been receiving several criticisms from Nigerians on social media platforms. Some of the social media users who reacted to Kiddwaya’s statement explained that he’s not hardworking than other people, he’s only privileged to be born in a wealthy home.

Another user that also reacted to the statement mentioned that even Kiddwaya’s father was not that hardworking, and he supported his comment with some news related to how Terry Waya made his money and how he was convicted in the United Kingdom for money laundering.

Kiddwaya in the statement said, “The difference between you and I is hard work. The rest is just excuses”.

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