Nigerian Crossdresser Flaunts Curves in New Picture

The Nigerian crossdresser, Daniel Anthony, popularly known as Jay Boogie flaunts his curves in the new picture he released on his Instagram page. Jay Boogie who’s based in Port-Harcourt is known for always coming out to express how proud he is of his body and sexuality.

The Nigerian crossdresser is famous for always dragging Bob Risky for his plastic surgery and liposuction, claiming that he doesn’t need any surgery to develop a big ass because God has already blessed him with a nice figure.

He’s also known for taunting females who have a small ass, always reminding them that he’s more sexually attractive than them and that he’s more of a female than them.

The new picture released by Jay Boogie has continued to generate reactions online, has people are wondering how Jay got his curves. Some are even beginning to doubt if he’s a male or he’s a female.

In the caption he attached to the picture he said:

“A Queen is a woman who carries herself in an enviable charisma, a woman who’s endowed with a willingness to ignore fools, a Queen would never go around feeling and showing her reign is threatened, too lame such an act for a queen, cause she knows her place, I mean a Queen wears a crown, not a tiara!.

“I had no intention to be a threat to anyone’s path, and I was never born to scare any shaft who feels her stove throne is about to be snatched into obvious damnation, give it time, You might be a queen in your kingdom, but don’t forget we’re all queens in our different castles.

“Life is a journey sweetheart, not a competition and two wrongs don’t make a right, take your parents for example just like you, it’s a case of Enjoy it while it last and with that I bid you good luck, impress me more with the foolery. Arrogance and stupidity all in one package, how efficient of you😂.”

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