It’s Not Everyone Making it in Nigeria That Has Grace – N6

The Nigerian Media personality and On-Air Presenter(OAP) N6 has taken to his Instagram page to reveal that it’s not everyone that’s making it in Nigeria that has grace or favour, he said some of them use Jazz.

In an attempt to encourage his followers not to give up or compare themselves to those that are already making it, he explained that it’s not everyone’s success that’s Godsent, that some use Witchcraft.

He, therefore, advises his followers not to envy or be jealous of anybody, because some people’s success isn’t natural, some are using jazz.

In the statement he made on his page, he said, “No be everybody wey dey make am for this Naija get grace or favour on top their head, some of them dey do good old juju. Know this and know peace.

“No envy or jealous anybody. No be everyman success nah Godsent, some na witchcraft. Face wetin dey face you, run your own race.”

The statement made by N6 has continued to generate reactions on social media as some users agreed with what the media personality said, while some others said there’s nothing like Jazz or witchcraft, that we need to start accepting that people work hard for their successes.

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