Don’t Speak in Tongues Without Interpreting – Uti

The Nigerian media personality and the winner of the Big Brother Africa, Uti Nwachukwu throws shades at Christians, says he hasn’t met one person that can interpret the tongues that Christians Speak.

Uti who took to his Twitter handle to make this statement has been known for being involved in “controversial topics” and today it’s about Christians and their act of speaking in tongues.

The media personality went ahead to read out some verses of the Scriptures that talk about how the Holy Spirit gifts some people with tongues and others with the interpretation. Uti said how come he hasn’t met any interpreter or there are none?.

He wrote on his Twitter handle, “I find it so weird that a LOT of Christians speak in tongues,
But till today I have not met ONE person that can interpret the tongues.

Afterall the Bible(1Cor12 V10) says Holy Spirit gifts some with tongues and others with interpretation?🤷🏾‍♂️

Where are the INTERPRETERS?.

“Speaking in tongues has been abused so much in the Christian community because it’s SOOO EASY TO FAKE IT.

It’s way more difficult to fake interpretation so they emphasize on speaking!

It’s so bad that you are made to feel like an infidel if you can’t speak in tongues! Why?.

“Please I beg u, IF U DO NOT UNDERSTAND what is being prayed in tongues, DO NOT SAY AMEN

Prayer is a contract o!
Don’t forget Jacob stole Esau’s Blessings and was still God’s own

Protect yourself!
Ur MOG might be saying-Transfer all their blessings to me
U go come agree to say amen”

Uti Nwachukwu

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