“I am the Beyoncé of Twitter Nigeria” – Twitter User

The Twitter user who’s the handle is Queen Vivian has tweeted today that she’s the Beyoncé of Twitter Nigeria. Vivian is known for posting controversial videos and setting herself up for drags on Twitter, and now she’s added that catalogue by tweeting that she’s the Beyoncé of Twitter Nigeria.

Queen Vivian

The tweet made by Vivian has continued to generate reactions from her “draggers” as some users advise her to find something else to do, and stop setting herself up for drags, just go gain cheap popularity.

One user commented under Vivian’s tweet, “There are vendors who are selling 2020 shoes, why are you always wearing your mom’s shoes”

Another Twitter user with the handle, Prince_amaze_me also commented, “Just go back to Facebook and continue your rubbish”

This is not the first time that Vivian would be involved in controversial topics such as this, that seems to be her major market on Twitter. Would this be her path to becoming an influencer? Our fingers are crossed.

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